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cp_redfort_b1 released

cp_redfort_b1 01

I updated cp_redfort, now beta 1.
I added signs and new textures to make it easier to find the way to the right cps. also added messages to the HUD to inform the player about the new ways into the fort after capturing a cp. i also tried to improve performance, but since it’s a very open map optimizing isn’t really easy. that’s also why i havn’t added much more detail to the map in this version.

new TF2 map alpha release soon

tf2 fort map screen 1

This is a Screenshot of my next map for TF2. The map is a single stage attack/defend map with 4 capture points. With every capture point taken the way into and to the top of the fort gets easier for the attacking team. For example if the attacking team takes the first capture point in front of the fort the drawbridge gets lowered. The workingtitle of the map is currently cp_towerrush, but i think that wont be the name for the release. There is still lots of work to do but maybe the first alpha version is ready at the weekend.