TF2 custom map cp_frontline_a1 released

This is now the first release of my attack/defend map cp_frontline. Currently it only consists of one stage with two capture points. In the final release there will be three stages.
Many parts are still not very detailed and need some work. Feel free to report any bugs, issues and suggestions.
You can download it here.


7 thoughts on “TF2 custom map cp_frontline_a1 released”

  1. Thanks for your comments.
    In the next versions i’m going to add more detail and i try to get those clean buildings dirtier 🙂 to fit more into the war theme. And i think sooner or later there needs to be a tank in this map 🙂

  2. Awesome work as usual! You should post the maps on that hellhole and on as well – while you probably won’t need a lot of mapping criticism considering you’re so good at it, exposure always helps with getting your map played.

  3. hi,
    sorry for the late response.
    i uploaded my ww2 models in the newest post.
    you can now download and use them in your maps.


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