A few new rusty TF2 models for frontline

Here are some new models i made in the last couple of days. The big cannons are going to add a bit more eye candy to the skyline. The other models will give the bunker buildings more details and color.

rusty tf2 models

13 thoughts on “A few new rusty TF2 models for frontline”

  1. Amazing! Will you add circling planes obove the battlefield? Did you ever considered content sharing? ctf_aerospace have great plane models and ctf_decker sweet tfish f4u corsair and grat looking warship i can eaasly imagine in 3d skybox firing artillery shells to help attackers.

  2. thx for your comment.
    yea i thought about planes flying around or maybe some planes dropping bombs after the last capture. those things would add greatly to the atmosphere with a good soundscape. but i think those features will be added in later versions when it’s about polishing the map.

    I allready have two ship models for the skybox mady by a friend of mine. i only need to texture and compile them. but i think i’ll add them in a later version.

    i’m currently trying to get the first stage done so there can be some real gameplay testing. maybe i’m ready to release a first playable version on the upcoming weekend.

  3. First stage is inspired by D-Day right? What about upcoming second and third? You’re followig atack on normady theme or mayby switching to Market-Garden or Desert Rats vs. Africa Corps?

  4. i’m not sure yet. i’m just getting inspired by different photos or other ww2 related stuff. i’m not trying to be 100% historical correct but to create a certain atmosphere. so i’m only sure there will be a bridge in the next stage 🙂

  5. Wow!I am amazed by your job.You do high quality models,and i like it.May be you will do this map in the night? Because it is more suitable for that kind of so to say battlefield

  6. the advantage of a night theme would be that i could use some searchlights pointing at the sky but it would also require lots of work on the entire lightning of the map, so it isn’t too dark. it’s definitely an option for a future version of the map.

  7. You wont believe me but that was exactly what i was planning to do 🙂
    But i’m not sure if i implement them in the first version.

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