New wip screens of cp_frontline stage one

Here are some screenshots of my progress on frontline.
I now changed the environment a bit more to the gravelpit style. i think it fits quite well to the world war 2 theme being a bit more dirty and dusky. i also changed the wood color of my models to fit more in.

with some more detailing, adjusted lightning and added items this first part is finished for the first alpha.
The layout of the second part of that stage is done and blocked out. i’m also going to add a simple 3d skybox in the first release so the water blends nice into the skybox.


9 thoughts on “New wip screens of cp_frontline stage one”

  1. Want… Now… Hurr…
    Reminds me a little of Omaha Beach from Battlefield 1942. =D

    I can just imagine the entire red team being the medic with the hat unlock while the entire blu team is the soldier. xD

  2. Amazing! I could definitely picture this with the sawmill skybox too (without the rain effects).

  3. thanks for the comments

    yea i think the sawmill skybox would also create a nice atmosphere, too. but i would need to change the skybox or the theme a bit to get it fit in with the mountains and the trees.

    but currently there is nothing final so maybe the whole theme suddenly changes during the development like redfort 🙂

  4. Can you make a .bsp download of the whole map yet, as an alpha?

    If not, can you make a .bsp of the first stage, i really want to look around it.

  5. I’m trying to get a playable version of the first stage ready for the upcoming weekend. if i don’t make it in time i’ll release a version where you can just walk around to get an impression of the map.

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