TF2 map cp_redfort_b3 released


-changed the whole Theme to the new one
-reworked the area around the fort
-changed some items and capture times
-added a new path to the top, to the last cp
-fixed some bugs, added some clip brushes and some other small changes.

You can download the map in the maps section.

10 thoughts on “TF2 map cp_redfort_b3 released”

  1. Just letting you know that we’ve had several good games on a full server and it seems that both teams can win this one. Not enough data yet to say anything decisive about the balance but those are the first impressions. Small bug with the waiting for respawn-camera: the camera is static but if you move the mouse around the buildings will change their brightness as if the light source was moving.

  2. thanks for your feedback. i noticed this bug too, but couldn’t find a solution. then i found out this bug exists in valve maps too. i think there is something messed up with the fog in the spectator cam.

  3. Hey,

    We (the UKCS community) had a full-server maptest of your map Redfort. Personally I really liked it, but there were mixed feelings about it (mainly, red is overpowered).

    I have a few feedback points for you:

    – Maybe add another blue spawnpoint on the opposite side of the castle.
    – Maybe make it less easy for reds to attack blue spawn (maybe some buildings / trees or something to provide blue with a little more cover)

    like I said, I really like the map, great work!!

  4. This map have easily become my all time favorite. It feel perfectly balanced and heavily rewards strategy and teamwork. RED team, however, has a distinct heavy advantage to this map due to the low amount of alternate routes.

    The only change I would like to see would be the sewers route opened after the second point cap (rather than 3rd) to ease up on the offense/defense balance.

    The props, skybox, textures and overall mood brings the experience to an all time high.

  5. There is a problem in our server when you connect too fast to the map the server drops sometimes when we get into redfort b3. Decent map we play Swords and Arrows on it totally epic play it on this map.

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