new TF2 models again

I finished a few more tf2 models.
This is a wooden wall for trenches:

trench wall

Here is a simple ingame screenshot just to get the feeling what it could look like in TF2

trench wall tf2 ingame

On the next screens you can see two simple additional models i made. just some rusty bunker stuff to give them more detail. There you can also see some new concrete textures for the bunkers i made.

bunker ingame
door frame tf2 ingame

3 thoughts on “new TF2 models again”

  1. cool i like the walls

    the trenches look more like desert houses than trench buildings with all the rounded edges

  2. yea. i now tuned them a bit. and i think right placed in a good context they look more like trench walls now. i’ve put a screen in a newer post

  3. excuse me mrmof have you ever tryed make an achivement map in your cool ww2 style. i would try acg servers get the info (if you make one i would be happy)
    (cptdasher is my steam name)

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