13 thoughts on “arena_wow_v1 (TF2) and ba_wowarena_v1 (CSS)”

  1. Hi mof. Why do you put your maps on fpsbanana for such short period of time? For example boulder is very nice but very few plyers know that it exist.

  2. Hi. thx for your comment. This time my new arena map was trashed by an admin because it was a port from another game. My older maps i trashed myself everytime there was a new version but that often leads to broken links on other sites. That’s why i once decided to remove most of my maps on fpsbanana and host them myself because there is not really a clean way to update an existing map on fpsbanana.

  3. I was just wondering if there was some relatively easy way to do what you’ve done. Can you just export the map from the wow mpq files? My friends love the map and we want to make more.

  4. I only used some textures from wow. the whole map is made of brushwork and discplacements. i don’t think there is an easy way to export models from wow and compile them for the source engine with all the textures, proportions and collision models.

  5. Hello mr.morf
    I am really sorry for delaying this for such a huge period.
    Actually, I had lots of things to do in real life, so had never time to finish my arena system project.
    But today I am releasing it and many people can’t just wait for it. Already tested it on my own server for a day, everyone is extremely excited of the system and map! Ah, Love you so much for making us this map, if not the map – nothing would be done. Anyway Could you contact me for some other things we were talking lots of the time ago?

  6. Hey!
    You prolly don’t check this website’s comments anymore, but if you just are here and check only once please let me know where you got the textures for that arena and how you managed to get it over to hammer. I’ve been having troubble with getting the textures for another arena and it is based on same game so should be same way to get it. So if you see this could you please make a reply on how to get those textures.

    Thanks alot for your time.

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