cp_redfort_b1 released

cp_redfort_b1 01

I updated cp_redfort, now beta 1.
I added signs and new textures to make it easier to find the way to the right cps. also added messages to the HUD to inform the player about the new ways into the fort after capturing a cp. i also tried to improve performance, but since it’s a very open map optimizing isn’t really easy. that’s also why i havn’t added much more detail to the map in this version.

mapping progress

I now named the map cp_frontline. i still have lots of things in my mind that i can only realize with custom stuff. So i think at the end this map will be fully loaded and impossible to download because of the huge filesize 🙂 . maybe then i’m also going to release the whole custom content in a ww2 TF2 theme pack.

The layout of the first stage is roughly done and some parts are nearly finished.
Here is a little wip screen of some trenches of the second part of stage one:

wip screen ingame tf2

new TF2 models again

I finished a few more tf2 models.
This is a wooden wall for trenches:

trench wall

Here is a simple ingame screenshot just to get the feeling what it could look like in TF2

trench wall tf2 ingame

On the next screens you can see two simple additional models i made. just some rusty bunker stuff to give them more detail. There you can also see some new concrete textures for the bunkers i made.

bunker ingame
door frame tf2 ingame