ctf_wintervalley, reaching alpha state

I’m working hard on this map now to get an alpha version out in the next days. it’s still not very detailed yet but the layout is mostly completed. the goal of the two teams is now to steal the enemy briefcase located near the enemy’s christmas tree.
Here are some screenshots of the current state of the map. There you can see the christmas tree with the flag and a part of the spawn room of the RED team.

ctf_wintervalley 02

new map started ctf_wintervalley / cp_wintervalley (working title)

I started a new map for Team Fortress 2 since the L4D SDK still isn’t out and i’m also loosing interest to start mapping for Left 4 Dead.


This will become a small map with a winter setting and maybe some xmas atmosphere.
I’m not sure yet what type of map this will be, ctf or a capture point map with 3 cps. maybe 2 versions. It’s in a very early state. Most things are only rough blocked out yet.