WIP cp_towerrush (working title)


This is a map i started a while ago. It’s an attack/defend map with one stage. The objective of the attacking team is to capture all control points in a given order. there will be 4-5 CPs in this map. The RED team has to defend the fortress. Every captured point opens a new path into the fortress. the first CP lowers the bridge, the second CP opens the main gate, the third CP opens an entry in the water ditch and so on.
The map is in a very early stage and only rough blocked out.

cp_boulder advanced to cp_boulder_v4

sry for releasing this version shortly after the last release, but i had the time to implement some balance suggestions and to add more detail to the map. you can get it here in the maps section.

cp_boulder picture 3

it should now be much easier to capture the second point of the first stage. also changed and fixed some other stuff.

the final point now also got a special theme to it:
the buildings around the last cap are used as a military spy base by RED.
there also is a large laser cannon that fires at another distant RED base when the last point is captured. so that is actually the reason why BLU wants to get the control over this map :).