A look at cp_boulder, Part II

boulder v2 stage 2

Now to stage 2:

the first area of this stage is one of my favourite parts of the map. like every first cp on each stage it is very straightforward action to the capture point. i have the feeling that it is a bit harder to defend than the first cp of stage 1.

there are mainly 3 paths from the first area to the second one with slight variations. the third path is oneway. i noticed that the easiest way to defend cp2 is to defend the west part of the second area. if the defending team falls back too far it gets very hard to defend.
currently i don’t have any bigger changes planned for stage 2.

A look at cp_boulder, Part I

boulder v2 part1

I’m still working on boulder to improve balance, gameplay and visuals. That’s why i started analyzing every stage of the map. Beginning with stage 1:

Every stage of cp_boulder is divided into 2 areas with one capture point each.
The first area of stage 1 is connected through 5 paths with the second area. All 5 are numbered in the picture above. Path 5 is a oneway path. It helps the attacking team to reach the second area. I’m planning on removing the ramp at path 4 (so it becomes oneway too), because it’s currently too easy for the defending team to surprise the attacking team from behind.
This should make it a bit easier to capture the second cp of the stage. maybe i’m also putting the red spawn room further away from the second cp. Apart from that the different classes are balanced on this stage in my opinion.

more to come.. 🙂