New wip screens of cp_frontline stage one

Here are some screenshots of my progress on frontline.
I now changed the environment a bit more to the gravelpit style. i think it fits quite well to the world war 2 theme being a bit more dirty and dusky. i also changed the wood color of my models to fit more in.

with some more detailing, adjusted lightning and added items this first part is finished for the first alpha.
The layout of the second part of that stage is done and blocked out. i’m also going to add a simple 3d skybox in the first release so the water blends nice into the skybox.


optimising cp_redfort

cp_redfort last cp

Because the last capture point on redfort is currently hard to capture, there will be an additional way up to the top in the next version. you can see it in the front on the picture (you can climb up the boxes to the roof). If the attacking team is controlling the area inside the fort they can approach the last capture point through the three upper exits.

There will also be some changes to the capture times and other small fixes and additions.